FRIDAY: Toothless Justice?

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ARLINGTON, Va.: Marv Albert is free but he should probably muzzle those teeth for a while.

A state judge Friday rejected prosecutors' request for a short jail term, and instead insisted the kinky sportscaster stay out of trouble for a full year lest he be hauled back to Virginia for further punishment.

Legally speaking, the news was unsurprising. The misdemeanor charge of assault carries up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine, but Albert a first-time offender was not expected to be detained.

Meanwhile, it seems Albert has another victim on his hands. Outside the courtroom, surprise witness (and peeved chew-toy) Patricia Masten said, "Personally, I'm very upset that he's not doing any jail time."

Flanked by her lawyer, Masten refused to say whether Albert had actually injured her during their alleged encounter. The pair alluded darkly to "further legal proceedings."

Exiting with his loyal fiancee, Albert asserted his desire to "put the pieces of my life back together." One of those pieces will certainly be his checkbook.