WEDNESDAY: Diana Hit Misses Target

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MINNEAPOLIS: It's official: "Candle in the Wind 1997," that revamped tune played by Elton John at Princess Diana's funeral — the one you either love or hate with a passion — has become the world's biggest-selling single of all time. Nearly 31.8 million copies have been shipped around the globe, meaning the record has passed the 30-million mark set by Bing Crosby's "White Christmas." Whatever you may think of its musical quality, the single's sales figure is a testament to an unprecedented worldwide devotion to Diana, in the shape of her posthumous charity to which the profits are passed on.

But now one Minneapolis-based chain of stores has risked the ire of millions by insisting it will withhold every cent from the Diana Memorial Fund. "There was never any agreement or suggestion ... that retailers would donate proceeds from the sale of the CD to the charity in question," read a statement from Target, the discount retailer owned by Dayton Hudson Corp.

What possible excuse does Target have for playing the Grinch? The firm says it already donates 5 percent of all pretax profits to communities in which it does business. But that will not be good enough for customers still in the throes of Diana grief. Nor will it likely please Elton John, who consistently refused to profit from Diana's death — and has a record of throwing tantrums at those who do.