TIME's Weekend Review

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Quite a menu we had this week — frozen eggs, cold coffee and grilled Reno. Sauteed with slashed pork and steamed lightly with a last-minute Japanese trade war, it left something of a sour taste in the mouth.

Journalists gorged themselves on a hundred hours of White House videotape, only to toss their napkins aside and pronounce the Clinton donor meetings profoundly unsatisfying and far too wholesome for their own good, like a mile-high pile of lettuce leaves.

The House Justice committee evidently had the same feeling when roasting the Attorney General — so much so that they found more nourishment in biting each other’s backs.

Slim pickings indeed. But there were some feasts to be had: MCI, for example, seems to be whetting the appetite of every telecom company going. This week GTE joined the feeding frenzy, and made the highest cash bid in corporate history for the bloated ’phone firm. Just remember to leave a little on your plate when you’re done, guys.