The Strictly-for-Entertainment Football Guide

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L.I. Slim and the Kansas City Line took a bath last week, each losing two of three in embarrassing fashion. But in week 8, it's the whole shebang--a pick for all 12 games. And we'll be keeping score.

L.I. Slim:

A couple of games are really sticking out: Nobody covers on crappy teams like the Niners, so take 'em, laying 10.5, over the almost-as-bad-as-the-Saints Falcons. I like the Giants, 6 and-a-half point 'dogs, staying with the Lions under the dome, and you've absolutely got to love the Jags, getting 4.5, over the Cowboys, who as even their fans admit, may really be a bad team. The rest: Panthers (-5) over SAINTS Cardinals (+8.5) over EAGLES OILERS (pick 'em) over Redskins Seahawks (-2) over RAMS Dolphins (-1.5) over RAVENS Broncos (-5.5) over RAIDERS Steelers (-5) over BENGALS

L.I. says shmome field advantage.

and on Monday:

Take the COLTS, getting 2, over the Bills. They're due.

The Kansas City Line:
Yes, the Niners covered that 14-point spread last week. But the Falcons are improving, at least incrementally, and 10.5 points still looks like a lot in the Georgia Dome. Meanwhile, the Broncos are due for a letdown, but this is not the week -- look for them to cover the 5.5 against the Raiders. And take the Oilers in a pick 'em game over the Redskins.


SAINTS (+5) over Panthers Cardinals (+8.5) over EAGLES Jaguars (+4.5) over COWBOYS Seahawks (-2) over RAMS RAVENS (+1.5) over Dolphins LIONS (-6.5) over Giants Steelers (-5) over BENGALS

and on Monday, well, there has to be something better than this game on. Take the Colts, but rent Diner.