Today's Headlines

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TIME Daily exclusive: Records obtained by TIME show that two companies for whom Al Gore fundraiser Peter Knight helped win big contracts at the Energy Department showed their gratitude with big donations to endow a chair in the name of Gore's dead sister (TIME Daily)

  • Janet Reno revisits familiar territory during a Congressional grilling (TIME Daily)

  • More episodes are set to be aired in the Clinton coffee tapes saga (TIME Daily)

  • David Ho, AIDS researcher and TIME man of the year, has quit the New England Journal of Medicine over a controversial editorial (TIME Daily)

  • Queen Elizabeth runs into trouble while revisiting Britain's colonial legacy in India (TIME Daily)

  • The plutonium-packed Cassini probe blasts off for Saturn (Reuters)

  • A first-time novelist walks off with Britainís most prestigious literary award (TIME Daily)

  • And Cleveland's World Series team is a tale of two Tribes (TIME Daily).