Today's Headlines

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Just in time for her Congressional closeup, Reno will extend Clinton investigation (TIME Daily)

  • An economic Nobel for two gurus of high-risk market gambling (TIME Daily)

  • Globetrotting President Clinton may be too busy for due vigilance on military pork (TIME Daily)

  • Peace is for wimps: Global arms trade looks more bullish than ever (TIME Daily)

  • The NTSB says John Denver was flying without a license (TIME Daily)

  • Who's the best pilot you ever saw? Fifty years on, Chuck Yaeger shows he still has the right stuff (Reuters)

  • Catch-us-if-you-can Brits hightail across Nevada at supersonic speed narrowly missing a record (TIME Daily)

  • And the Redskins beat the Cowboys while the Indians fall to Baltimore (TIME Daily).