On Top of the Covers

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Introducing TIME Daily's weekly gambler's guide to NFL football, brought to you each week of the season by L.I. Slim and the Kansas City Line. Remember, in 49 states it's just for fun. Will it be Goodbye, Mr. Chips or Viva Las Vegas?

The games for Week 7:

JETS 3 1/2 Dolphins
CARDINALS 4 1/2 Giants
Packers 11 1/2 BEARS
PATRIOTS 8 1/2 Bills
JAGUARS 3 1/2 Eagles
BUCS 6 Lions
OILERS 2 Bengals
SAINTS 2 Falcons
VIKINGS 3 1/2 Panthers
49ERS 14 Rams
STEELERS 10 1/2 Colts
Cowboys 2 1/2 REDSKINS

L.I. Slim's Locks:

CARDINALS (-4 1/2). After last week's stunner against the limping Cowboys, the Giants should be flat--and with their backfield injuries, back to their normal level of futility.
Cardinals 23, Giants 15

TAMPA BAY (-6)Tony Dungy and his wonderful Bucs will skip the Raiders impression and rebound from last week's fizzle in Green Bay to stomp a confused Detroit team. But I still miss the uniforms.
Tampa Bay 27, Lions 13

TENNESSEE (-2) This one, I just like the feel of: Cheered on by 32,000 empty seats and a hoarse family of four, the Memphis/Nashville Oilers score late to slide past Cincy--and the deuce.
Oilers 16, Bengals 13

The Kansas City Line

Rams (+14). Nobody can eat 50 eggs. Nobody can cover a 14 point spread in the NFL, either. (And don't tell me that the Niners did just that last week. It was a fluke).
49'ers 31, Rams 20

Jets (-3 1/2) "Order Tuna, not Dolphin" says the New York Post. Who am I to argue with that.
Jets 27, Dolphins 21

Falcons (+2). This has a chance to be one of the dullest games in recent NFL memory. Atlanta, with Chris Chandler back this week, has won four straight over the 'Aints. Make it five.
Falcons 10, Saints 7