Vince Foster Acted Alone

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WASHINGTON: Two months ago, you could almost hear Kenneth Starr sigh as he announced his findings: Vincent Foster had died by his own hand, and four bush-beating investigations had been unable to prove otherwise. This Friday came the transcript: a 114-page collection of forensic and eyewitness evidence confirming that conclusion.

Is this the end of the Vince Foster parlor game? The one peppering books, talk radio, and the Internet with scenarios of adultery and murder? Probably not. But it may help nudge the Foster fascination in a different direction. Foster committed suicide; the question now, is why.

Though the report paints Foster as severely depressed, prosecutors admit they "cannot set forth a particular reason or set of reasons" why the former Clinton aide went through with it. And there's still the torn-up suicide note that White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum says he didn't see when he searched Foster's briefcase. That investigation is still rolling.