Today's Headlines

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Fulfilling what would have been Diana's wish, the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to the International Campaign to Ban Land Mines (TIME Daily)

  • The historic second-hand smoke lawsuit brought by flight attendants has been settled (TIME Daily)

  • After four years, Vince Foster's death is still deemed a suicide (TIME Daily)

  • Apple czar Steve Jobs floats a tantalizing balloon for the Mac faithful (TIME Daily)

  • France frees an ailing suspected war criminal for the duration of his trial (TIME Daily)

  • Is the plutonium-loaded Cassini probe, which blasts off Monday, safe? (TIME Daily)

  • The Cleveland Indians make the most of baseball's Indian summer (TIME Daily).

  • See the world through your VCR with TIME Daily's newsworthy Couch Potato Guide (TIME Daily).

  • And play the NFL like a violin with On Top of the Covers, our virtual football gambling guide (TIME Daily).