The Loneliest Job in Washington

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Janet Reno says she's mad. At the White House, for making her look incompetent over those belated videotapes. Undoubtedly at the Senate and House, where Fred Thompson and Dan Burton devote a little of their committee hearings each day to howlings for her head.

Now, the Senate's about to sprout another Sherlock. Utah Republican Orrin Hatch announced Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee is considering holding a hearing on the Justice Department's handling of the campaign fund raising investigation. "I really believe there are some things here that have to be explained," the chairman said. "We'll see what we can do to put one together." Just what America needs.

Reno was considered something a cowboy when it came to alleged Clinton wrongdoings, which is why Clinton didn't really want Reno back for his second term. Yet he retained her, for that very reason: to prove both his innocence and her impartiality.

It hasn't worked out that way. But should Reno fear for her job? There is certainly grist for Hatch's mill. What there hasn't been so far is much grist for Reno's. Gutting her won't bring Charlie Trie back from Shanghai.

This Attorney General, however, is fighting every scandal to hit Washington since Nixon resigned, since it was proved to America that when there's smoke, there's sinister fire. For two decades it's been an accusers' market and a political feast. This time, it's Republicans at the trough, and they're not about to leave unsated.