Lawyer: Paula Jones Missed Mark

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LITTLE ROCK: Perhaps it was never the most pertinent part of Paula Jones' lawsuit, but it was certainly the most salacious and the one that attracted the most popular attention. Now it appears to be crumbling. A lawyer for President Clinton has finally said that he has learned what "distinguishing characteristic" Ms. Jones claims she saw on the presidential body and that it doesn't exist. Jones' legal team faxed Clinton attorney Robert Bennett a copy of her detailed affidavit describing what she claims to have seen on the President's private zone that night in an Arkansas hotel room. "I can see why they waited so long in getting it to me," he said Tuesday, "because they know I can easily rebut it. This was just an effort to humiliate and embarrass the President."

Most tellingly, Jones' team is not directly rebutting Bennett's denial. Susan Carpenter McMillan, the spokeswoman who has been at Jones' side since the start, limited her comments to a snide "how in the world would he know?". At the same time, the plaintiff's new Dallas-based lawyers are stressing that this is "not a cornerstone" of the case. Which, doubtless, is a disappointment to tabloid reporters everywhere: The President may not have to reveal all, after all.