MONDAY: Cream, Two Sugars, No Dirt

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WASHINGTON: How does Bill Clinton take his coffee? Hold the evidence. Despite the suspicious circumstances of the release of the "coffee tapes," neither reporters nor investigators have yet found anything incriminating. Officials present seem to behave properly with a few ham-fisted donors who actually brought their money with them; President Clinton talks about golf; guests leave happy, and pay up later. Fundraisers to be sure, but carefully placed on time-delay.

So where have the tapes been? Clinton says it was "just an accident." Dan Burton, head of the house donorgate probe, is growling. But the problem for Republicans is that the Clinton White House has never proven itself capable of conspiracy. "Sadly, I find it believable that these tapes were lost, although it's certainly strange that the cameramen never came forward before," says TIME White House correspondent Jef McAllister. "But it could very well be innocuous. Certainly there's nothing there to hide."

And now White House spokesman Lanny Davis is coughing up again, saying Monday a search is now under way for fresh videotapes with additional events. He also promised sound for a June 18 encounter between Clinton and John Huang, which arrived mute in the first batch. Republicans will no doubt be listening. But remember: Clinton ain't Nixon.