Diana Bodyguard Heads Home

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PARIS: French authorities have concluded their interrogation of Trevor Rees-Jones, and Princess Diana’s bodyguard flew to a British military base on Friday. TIME Paris Bureau Chief Tom Sancton reports that the police investigators who questioned Rees-Jones Thursday believe he has told them all he can for now. “He still doesn’t remember anything about the accident itself, but his memory is improving about the earlier events,” says Sancton. “He can remember the first few minutes of the trip, until the Place de la Concorde, after which his memory blanks out.”

Sancton believes Rees-Jones’ testimony primarily incriminates Dodi Fayed: “He’s the one who made the disastrous decisions about the travel arrangements, choosing a drunken man who didn’t have a chauffeur’s license to drive the car, ignoring Rees-Jones recommendations.” While some of the paparazzi under investigation may still face charges of failing to assist a person in danger — a felony in France — Sancton believes it’s unlikely they’ll be indicted for manslaughter. Which means the public will have to accept that nobody will be put on trial for causing Diana’s death.