Jones' Conservative Dream Team

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SAN MARINA, Calif.: The drafting of Paula Jones by the armies of conservatism, begun by "friend" and spokeswoman Susan Carpenter-McMillan, is now complete. There is a new lead attorney — Donovan Campbell, Jr. of the Dallas firm Rader, Campbell, Fisher & Pyke — who was previously known for leading a picketing of a Dallas production of “Torch Song Trilogy.” There is also a new financier — the conservative fund-raising outfit The Rutherford Institute — now that Paula's pockets (and her legal fund) are apparently empty.

And it suddenly sounds doubtful that anybody's leaving the stage without a big piece of the President. Campbell et al said in a statement that they were "retained as litigation counsel, not as special settlement counsel... We intend to vigorously prepare it for trial."

Which is either scripted hard-line blather or a genuine threat. Either way, Paula is reading her "day in court" lines well, and Clinton lawyer Robert Bennett is faced with a very real possibility that this lawsuit no longer has anything to do with money.