Today's Headlines

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Congressional Fast Track legislation remains stalled in the slow lane (TIME)

  • Israel sends shock waves through the Mideast with a dramatic prisoner release (TIME Daily)

  • A U.S. firm seeks to upset the applecart of a multibillion-dollar international telecommunications deal (Money Daily)

  • Three are killed, four more hurt as a teen gunman goes on a rampage in Mississippi (Reuters

  • NATO takes over Bosnian Serb radio transmitters in an effort to halt attacks on the Dayton peace accords (Reuters)

  • Silicon Valley has moved to the top of the U.S. exporters list with record foreign sales (TIME Daily)

  • ER and Seinfeld helped keep NBC on top during the fall ratings scramble (People Daily)

  • Pop Art and Roy Lichtenstein's cachet will continue to grow, even after the artist's death Monday (TIME Daily)

  • And stereotypes abound as the postseason games begin (TIME Daily).