TUESDAY: Global Warming Raises D.C. Temperatures

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WASHINGTON: Business groups warned the Senate Tuesday of catastrophic consequences if the U.S. signs on to a global treaty curbing greenhouse gas emissions. They predicted that if the U.S. agrees to cut carbon pollution to 1990 levels by 2010 — one proposal envisaged for the global pact to be negotiated in December —as many as many as 1.5 million Americans could be out of work.

The White House believes a treaty is necessary, but has accepted no specific emission levels, and the petroleum and auto industries are leading a fierce lobbying exercise against the a treaty. “They’re just protecting their bottom line as they should,” says TIME correspondent Dick Thompson. “The economic consequences are a serious concern, but should they block a treaty that starts moving the world to what scientists believe is a more rational and sustainable use of energy? Ultimately, the White House has to be realistic and balance all concerns.”

The world may be slowly getting warmer, but expect Washington temperatures to shoot up as December approaches.