TIME's Weekend Review

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Doesn't anybody have any loyalty anymore? Not only did those IRS agents squeal on their bosses, they couldn't even do it without gray screens and frosted-flake voices. And while the G-men were singing like canaries, the senators were having a, er, whale of a time overturning some other sacred cows, like the FDA and the McCain-Feingold bill. The House had some trouble keeping NASA in check David Wolf, that dirty rat that actually wanted to go to the Mir, slipped through Rep. James F. Sensenbrenner's fingers like a stratospheric salmon.

Bosses were just as likely to turn on employees, of course take NBC, for example. Was there anyone in the country who didn't mutter the words "poor Marv" Thursday? Then there was that dastardly Bill Clinton, delivering ambiguous messages to the U.N. and Big Labor, while blatantly refusing to bring the boys back from Bosnia. And as long as Kenneth Starr is around, not even the President is free from the curse of the week: backbiting. Poor Marv.