Couch Potato Guide:
The Taxman and the Yesss! Man

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Thank heaven for the Senate. Surely risking vicious audits themselves, those gallant St. Georges on the Finance committee pried up the IRS rock and shone their dazzling light on the oily squirmings thus revealed. Knowledge is power; so armed, we may yet turn the tide. If we fail, we could cross that 21st century bridge into a land like Brazil (1985), Terry Gilliam's vastly incredible, exquisitely surreal romp through a near future in which bureaucracy is lord and master. Where if you don't have the proper stamp on your 27 B stroke six, soon enough Central Services is tearing up your ducts, the Central Collective Storehouse computer has got you down as deleted, and your wife's screaming "what have you done with his body!"

A few more years and we'd slip further, into the bright, white bald-headed life of THX-1138 (1970), George Lucas' art-house sci-fi first feature, expanded from a student film he did at USC. Robert Duvall stars with Donald Pleasance (an easy bit of casting); look for cameos by Yul Brynner and Chiang Kai-Shek. Imagine a world of naked sadism, prescription drugs and robot policemen where the only erotic words are "no one is watching," and everyone really is. Imagine a bleak, bleached future in which "sexual perversion" (in this case, just regular sex) was a punishable crime!


Alas, our beloved yesss-man, we hardly knew ye. Except at the end, of course, when we found out a whole lot more than we ever wanted. Was it Love at First Bite (1979)? Or perhaps just 1975's Jaws.