Killings Haunt Winnie Mandela

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JOHANNESBURG: Stompie Moketsi Seipei keeps coming back to haunt Winnie Madikizela Mandela. More than 10 years after Seipei was kidnapped and murdered by her bodyguards, Mandela once again faces allegations that she ordered that, along with seven other killings. She appeared Friday before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission in a private Q&A session, to be followed by a public hearing in November — which leaders of the ruling African National Congress hope will put an end to her bid for a political comeback.

Despite being ousted from Nelson Mandela’s government, Winnie has maintained a political base through populist appeals to militant youth and the urban poor. Now she is once again making ANC leaders uncomfortable, by standing for Deputy President, the organization's no.2 position. Says TIME correspondent Peter Hawthorne: “This is her way of making life as difficult and embarrassing as possible for the leadership.” Which is why ANC leaders are waiting for the Truth Commission to spike what they regard as a dangerous loose cannon.