FRIDAY: From Whitewater to White House

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WASHINGTON: So far unable to sink the Clintons in Whitewater, independent counsel Kenneth Starr now appears to be seeking evidence that the first couple tried to obstruct his investigation a legal strategy that's more palatable than prosecuting the President for a decade-old land deal, says Jef McAllister, TIME's White House correspondent. "Accusations of abuse of presidential power and conspiracy bring the Whitewater investigation right into the White House in a way the original allegations never could," says McAllister.

Starr has subpoenaed records from President Clinton, the first lady and nearly 50 top White House aides and lawyers, to determine whether they had contact with former Whitewater business partners James and Susan McDougal, disgraced Justice Department official Webster Hubbell or their lawyers. Starr also just convened a new grand jury.

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