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The McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill has at last hit the Senate floor but the smart money says it stops there (TIME Daily)

  • Over 200 passengers are feared dead in Indonesia's worst plane crash (Reuters), which may have been caused by the forest-fire smoke blanketing Southeast Asia (TIME Daily)

  • Kenneth Starr starts digging around the White House for evidence that the first couple tried to obstruct his Whitewater investigation (TIME Daily)

  • Sportscaster Marv Albert is fired by NBC just hours after he pleaded guilty to assault and battery (TIME Daily)

  • Benjamin Netanyahu presses ahead with Jewish settlements in the West Bank (TIME Daily)

  • Winnie Mandela's past comes back to haunt her (TIME Daily)

  • The Federal Trade Commission probes Pentium-chip makers Intel (TIME Daily)

  • More tales of torture by the taxman as the Senate continues its hearing on IRS excesses (TIME Daily)

  • Travelers Inc.'s $9 billion acquisition of Salomon Brothers begs the question: who's going to run the new investment giant? (Money Daily)

  • And the Houston Astros clinch the top spot in Major League Baseball's worst division (CNNSI).