Stop Us Before We Print Trash Again

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Deep sobs of remorse from the media over their role in creating the sensation-dependent society that allegedly drove Princess Diana to her high-speed death had barely subsided this week when the Marv Albert case came along.

Sportscaster Marv, being tried in Arlington, Va., for sodomy, seems not to be benefiting from a whole lot of the newfound restraint. The New York Post and Daily News tabloids reported from the courtroom that Marv allegedly liked group sex and sometimes wore women's underwear, that his alleged victim preserved evidence of oral sex, that the same alleged victim might have tried to bribe a cab driver to give false testimony, and many other details of this signficant tale. USA Today has three stories in Wednesday's edition. The wire services are carrying family versions of the story. CNN broadcasts some of the trial live. Trash lives. Knowing TIME Daily's users allegedly won't be interested in such exposure, we nevertheless provide a few links.

  • For a comprehensive guide to online coverage, click on Yahoo's Marv Albert trial page