Today's News

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  • The Senate opens its attack on the IRS (TIME Daily), while taking aim at the FDA (Reuters) and even its own war-chest as Senators agree to debate campaign finance reform this year (Reuters)

  • President Clinton isn't making friends in the AFL-CIO by arguing his free-trade case to the union (TIME Daily)

  • Astronaut David Wolf is anxiously waiting to find out if he'll be going to Mir tomorrow (TIME Daily)

  • Algeria's main opposition Islamic group urged a rival to stop killing civilians, as the latest massacre remains shrouded in mystery (TIME Daily)

  • They had been taking it one day at a time but then the Marv Albert trial opened, and shattered the media's post-Diana sobriety (TIME Daily)

  • And finally, mom and dad beware: college costs have increased at triple the inflation rate (TIME Daily).