Diana Crash Survivor Talks

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PARIS: The bodyguard has spoken, and investigators have learned almost nothing new. Trevor Rees-Jones underwent 20 minutes of questioning about the fatal car crash by investigating judge Herve Stephan, and the results were not encouraging. "He remembers nothing about the accident," reports TIME Paris bureau chief Thomas Sancton. "He does remember the final moments before leaving the Ritz and remembers getting into the car. He also told the judge that Henri Paul seemed to be in a perfectly normal state before taking the wheel. But when asked for details about the moments leading up to the accident itself, he repeatedly answered, through a court interpreter: 'I don't remember, I don't know.'"

Rees-Jones will undergo futher questioning later today, and it remains to be seen whether his memory improves with time. There seems to be some dispute among medical experts as to when he will recover memories of the crash itself: some say a few months, some say never. One thing is certain: Rees-Jones remains the last, best hope for those eager to find the truth behind the death of a Princess.

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