Today's Headlines

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A U.N. helicopter crash in Bosnia kills 12, including five Americans and a top German diplomat (Reuters) ... Back home, military training flights have been grounded in the wake of five air crashes but the Pentagon says there's no cause for concern (TIME Daily) ... The tobacco issue is ideal for Clinton (TIME Daily) ... The U.S. has failed to sign up to a global ban on land mines (TIME Daily) ... Attorney General Janet Reno has brought in a new prosecutor to help speed up the campaign finance probe (Reuters) ... Intel announces a revolutionary new memory chip, but who really needs it? (TIME Daily) ... Lawsuits against silicon breast implant makers are set to lose steam after federal researchers give the implants a "clean bill of health" (TIME Daily) ... President Clinton says the tobacco settlement is not yet dead he plans to announce his proposed amendments Wednesday (AllPolitics) ... A study finds a drastic increase in AIDS among American women (Reuters) ... Paris police plan to question Princess Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, on Friday (People Daily) ... The space station Mir has a close encounter with a U.S. satellite on a similar orbit (TIME Daily) ... And don't mess with the Los Angeles police they're about to start carrying assault rifles (Reuters).