What's Behind Jones Tax Audit?

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LITTLE ROCK: Paula Jones may be feeling paranoid right now but that doesn't mean they're not after her. Her lawyers have exited, leaving behind a sizable bill. Her spokeswoman simply loves to scuttle settlements. Now the long arm of the IRS, acting no doubt on a sinister White House wink, is reaching into her tax files. "How many people renting and making under $40,000 a year get audited?" asked Jones guard dog Susan Carpenter-McMillan on Sunday. "I find the timing very peculiar."

Perhaps it isn't Stephen Jones' modest salary that has excited investigators, but rather some $300,000 in the Paula Jones Legal Fund, of which Carpenter-McMillan is chairman. As for the implied White House involvement, Mike McCurry offered this Monday: "We have done some dumb things from time to time, but we're not certifiably insane." Very convincing.