Today's Headlines

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Jiang Zemin announces plans to float stock in China's state-run enterprises (TIME Daily) ... Clinton nominates CDC director Satcher to fill long-standing surgeon general vacancy (AllPolitics) ... Scots vote overwhelmingly to establish their own parliament after nearly 300 years without one (TIME Daily) ... An angry Senator Jesse Helms resists attempts to force a hearing over William Weld’s ambassador nomination (AllPolitics) ... A federal judge rules American Airlines is liable for compensatory damages because its pilots were negligent in a deadly 1995 Colombia crash (Reuters) ... U.S. Secretary of State Albright urges Israel and the PLO to end their verbal sparring and give peace a chance (Reuters) ... Christian Coalition returns to its roots (TIME Daily) ... China's Hong Kong chief can't convince Washington it's business as usual in former British colony (TIME Daily) ... Retail sales figures released Friday by the Commerce Department are good news on inflation (Money Daily) ... Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones is not yet aware he is the sole survivor of the Paris car crash that killed Princess Diana (People Daily) ... The Safety and Freedom Through Encryption Act will likely open the backdoor of all encryption technology to the feds, following yesterday's vote by the House Intelligence Committee (Netly News) ... And disgruntled Baptists may seek police help to dethrone controversial president Henry Lyons, who faces new allegations that he misappropriated funds intended for burned churches (TIME Daily)