Today's Headlines

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In the wake of recent rape and sexual harassment charges, Army officials have made their first public moves to improve the treatment of female troops (TIME Daily) ...The first face-to-face meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Albright and Palestinian President Arafat left both sides skeptical (TIME Daily)... Scots go to the polls today to vote on a plan for a Scottish Parliament, but will they give it "Tartan Tax"-raising powers? (TIME Daily) ... NASA's Martian "spy satellite," Global Surveyor, begins its first orbit of the Red Planet (TIME Daily) ... Twenty years after South African security police beat him to death, Steve Biko is getting his day in court (TIME Daily) ... National Security Adviser Samuel Berger tells the Senate campaign finance probe that he saw no evidence of "extraneous" influence on Clinton foreign policy (AllPolitics) ... As the clean-up operation begins to remove the flowers from Kensington Palace, new questions are being asked about Diana's death (People Daily) ... An Indian flag covers Mother Teresa's body as her adopted country salutes the Calcutta nun (Reuters) ... The doctor who wrote the definitive book on Redux has denounced the weight-loss drug (TIME Daily) ... Diet pill problems notwithstanding, Americans are living longer (Reuters), especially middle-aged mothers (TIME Daily) ... And more of them are doing grocery shopping online which is expected to become a $60-$80 billion-a-year industry in the next decade (The Netly News).