Today's Headlines

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While violence tightens the deadlock in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, there appears to be some progress on the Israel-Syria front (TIME Daily) ... The Democratic Party's top lawyer has defended Al Gore's controversial White House fundraising phone calls (AllPolitics) ... A budget bill provision that was effectively funding the tobacco industry has been struck down (TIME Daily) ...Rocky Actor Burgess Meredith has died at the age of 89 (TIME Daily) ... Former Clinton cabinet member Mike Espy has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges ... (Reuters) ... As for Clinton himself, what has he learned in four-and-a-half years about being president ? To take baby steps, says TIME's White House correspondent (TIME Daily) ... Princess Diana's driver was not only drunk, but also on anti-depressants according to Paris prosecutors (Reuters) ... AOL president Steve Case gives CompuServe employees a real-time pep talk as he moves to take over their company (TIME Daily) ... Americans think about money more often than sex, according to the latest Money magazine poll (TIME Daily) ... Speaking of sex, a bill that would require parental notification before teens could get birth control items from federally-funded clinics has been rejected (Reuters) ... And another NASA robot is closing in on Mars (Reuters).