TUESDAY: Royal Row over Di's Death

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LONDON: Reports are emerging of a huge rift in the week after Diana's death between the Queen and Prince Charles, over the nature of her funeral. London's Channel 4 News said late Monday that Queen Elizabeth wanted a private funeral that would have excluded the Princess' body from Royal palaces, and refused to fly the flag at half-staff over Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles fought in his former wife's corner by resisting his mother's wishes, and a heated battle ended in his favor after Tony Blair sent in mediators. The Royals claim "the whole story is rubbish," although Channel 4 a respected high-brow network in Britain says it has top-secret, top-level sources.

Meanwhile the Associated Press reports that hours after Diana's funeral, the Royals considered restoring the title "Her Royal Highness" to Diana, but dropped the idea after her family opposed it.

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