Lawyers Quit Clinton Suit

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LITTLE ROCK: U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright has granted the divorce that lawyers Gilbert Davis and Joseph Cammarata wanted from their client, Paula Jones. But Jones isn't quitting. In fact, she's already interviewing new candidates to take over the legal shepherding of her $700,000 sexual harassment suit.

With spokeswoman and P.R. demon Susan Carpenter McMillan breathing fire in her ear, Jones reportedly rejected a fully-paid-up deal Davis and Cammarata made with the White House because the apology Clinton would make over their alleged 1991 encounter in a Little Rock Hotel was deemed too vague. The lawyers threw their hands up in frustration and made their motion to quit, citing "fundamental differences."

"She's out for blood," TIME's Washington correspondent Viveca Novak said of Jones, "and they're just tired of it. They've spent a lot of their own time and money on this, and they wanted out." Now Jones will likely be hit with a whopping bill for their services: Judge Webber ruled that Davis and Cammarata's "zealous and effective representation" was deserving of "reasonable" attorney's fees. And we can only guess at what lawyers consider "reasonable."