Today's Headlines

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America Online faces a struggle to convert loyal CompuServe users following an unexpected takeover of their rival (TIME Daily) ... Hundreds of passengers are feared dead after a ferry sank off the coast of Haiti (Reuters) ... Paula Jones' lawyers want out of her suit against President Clinton (TIME Daily) ... The illness that helped bring down Mobutu Sese Seko finally killed the former Zairean dictator (TIME Daily) ... Mir's main computer fails, but the crew sleeps on (TIME Daily) ... Palestinians are cracking down on Islamic militants as Madeleine Albright prepares for her Mideast peace mission (Reuters) ... Mourning continues for Princess Diana (People) and Mother Teresa (Life), while the "Saint of Calcutta" appears set for cyberspace beatification (The Netly News) ... and Rafter and Hingis are crowned U.S. Open champs (CNNSI).