TIME's Weekend Review

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Who would have thought a single car crash could have so much impact? Let's face it, this was the one week in history in which someone of Mother Teresa's caliber could have died and not end up as the lead story on the evening news (which would have suited the self-denying saint of Calcutta just fine). Once it was announced, the news from Paris loomed like a tidal wave that seemed to dwarf the rest of the world. All of a sudden nobody cared about Mir or Miami, the Olympics or E.coli; the People's Princess was from our hearts untimely ripped, and that was all.

The scattergun of public outrage was let loose on the paparazzi first. But soon it wheeled on drunk-drivers, the British press and the Al-Fayeds before settling, finally and inexplicably, on the Royal Family as if the Queen herself had been at the wheel of that Mercedes. When Earl Spencer stood up at his sister's funeral and fired a volley of veiled threats at her former in-laws, the search for scapegoats was complete. So now the world has turned upside-down, perhaps we ought to listen to China's considered opinion on the whole Diana business: "this is what happens when newspapers are allowed to report what they like," sniffed the PRC Press.