Queen Speaks as Nation Mourns

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LONDON: The Queen speaks to the people at 1pm Eastern Time. This is only the second time any British monarch has made a televised speech outside of Christmas and the opening of Parliament. It comes not a moment too soon. Yesterday the U.K.'s fifth day of mourning over Princess Diana saw an increase in public distaste over the way the Royals have handled their grieving. Meanwhile, the Diana sightings began, and that noted celeb hotspot, Ecuador, passed a tough anti-paparazzi law.

The palace also bowed on the issue of the Buckingham Palace flag, announcing that the Union Jack would fly at half-staff there on Saturday in place of the monarch's personal flag that the Queen would not lower. The length of the funeral parade route through London has been tripled to accommodate the anticipated huge crowd.

The deification of Diana began. Mourners at St. James Palace swore they'd seen Diana in an oil painting there. Around the world, the public absorption with Diana's death made itself felt. The U.S. Senate passed a resolution honoring her for "compassion and grace". The Ecuadorian Congress unanimously passed an anti-paparazzi law providing legal protection for people whose photographs "appear in the media without their prior consent and are damaging to them." And in Uniontown, Pa., two men were charged with harassment and disorderly conduct for allegedly attacking a photographer who was trying to take pictures of a doctor charged with molesting his patients. The two were part of an angry crowd shouting "This happened to the Princess" and "Photographers killed Princess Diana."

Finally, it emerged that Dodi Fayed gave Princess Diana a $205,400 diamond "friendship ring" on the night the couple died. The ring was found in the wreckage of the car crash that killed them. Paris jeweler Alberto Repossi , whose store is near the Paris Ritz hotel where the couple shared their last meal, suggested the ring may have meant much more than friendship.

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