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Prodded by British tabloids demanding that she "Show Us You Care," Queen Elizabeth II will speak to the nation tomorrow about the loss of Princess Diana. This builds on a statement issued yesterday from the previously stone-faced Royal Family, reassuring readers that Buckingham Palace took strength from the "overwhelming support" of the British people. While it sounds like Her Majesty may be loosening up, don't expect her to cry any public tears for Diana.

"Every once in a great while, there is salvation in surrender. I have never been one to linger and I don't intend to start now" the words of Arizona governor Fife Symington, who will resign from office tomorrow following his fraud conviction. He faces up to 165 years in prison and $6.25 million in fines.

Arizona may be momentarily without a governor, but residents of Miami could wake up tomorrow to find themselves without a city. Citizens are voting on whether to abolish the corruption-plagued metropolitan government and become absorbed in the surrounding county.