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Seven people are dead and 165 wounded after three powerful explosions ripped through a downtown Jerusalem pedestrian mall (TIME Daily), but Madeline Albright still looks likely to continue Middle East peace efforts (TIME Daily) ... The Royal Family emerges to grieve over Diana in public for the first time (TIME Daily)... Many people are already making money out of the Princess' tragic death (TIME Daily)... U.S. troops are ready to use force against violent mobs in Bosnia (Reuters)... Buddhist nuns are to tell a Senate committee how they helped launder Democratic contributions, as the Justice Department formally reviews whether Gore broke fund-raising laws (AllPolitics)... China-watchers are sensing a melting of the icy communist state (TIME Daily) ... The convicted Governor of Arizona says he is ready to resign (All Politics) ... Boulder police were apparently prepared to arrest JonBenet Ramsey's parents in May, but didn't follow through (Reuters) ... And the bounty hunters sought in the Arizona killings are arrested (Reuters)