Today's News Roundup

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The Death of Diana: An emotional search for villains seems certain to test the decorum of the French justice system (TIME Daily)... Coverage of the unfolding tragedy is being followed by an extraordinary number of people (TIME Daily) ... From her glorious wedding to the slow disintegration of her marriage, Americans have been fascinated by Diana's every move (People Special).

In Other News: Sixty-five people are believed dead in a fiery plane crash in Cambodia (Reuters) ... Arizona Governor Fyfe Simington has been found guilty on seven counts of bank fraud (All Politics) ... Vice-President Al Gore has denied knowledge of campaign finance wrongdoing (TIME Daily)... Big Tobacco increases wholesale cigarette prices nearly 8 percent (TIME Daily) ... Volatile Southeast Asian markets could cause a banking collapse (TIME Daily) ... and your GP may not know his stethascope from his elbow (TIME Daily).