Today's News Roundup

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The Death of Diana: Paparazzi who followed Di's car are being released from custody, but manslaughter investigations are still pending (TIME Daily) ... The unfolding tragedy of Diana's death was witnessed by an extraordinary number of people (TIME Daily) ... The National Enquirer says it has crash photos but won't publish them (TIME Daily) ... Diana won't get a state funeral, but the British public doesn't mind (TIME Daily) ... Diana became, even in her tragic end, the world's true princess (TIME Cover Story) ...

In Other News: The Dow rallies again (TIME Daily) ... U.S. soldiers brandish clubs against Serbs (Reuters) ... Two more victims of last month's Korean Air Lines jet crash die (Reuters) ... Israel relaxes travel restrictions in the West Bank and Gaza, letting some Palestinians return to work ... (Reuters) ... and Fidel Castro makes a rare appearance, joking about rumors of his death (Reuters).