Enquirer Won't Show Photos of Dying Diana

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LANTANA, Florida: Extra! The National Enquirer has sprouted ethics. The tabloid says it has obtained five photographs taken in the minutes after the crash that killed Princess Diana including one that shows blood running down her cheek but insists it will not publish them.

Editor Steve Coz is loudly touting himself as the tabloid man with a heart, and seems intent on milking the conscience cow for every last drop of PR. "This senseless tragedy may never have happened if all tabloids had the same no-stalking policy as the one put in place by the Enquirer last year," read a statement Coz posted on the Internet. "Our policy was put in place to prevent exactly this type of horrible tragedy."

With the largest-circulation newspaper in the U.S., Coz can afford to take the high road. He's betting this route will further fatten his bottom line. But the real story will be whether this headline-grabbing tactic inspires imitation in the industry.