Today's News Roundup

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The Death of Diana: Paris prosecutors say the driver of the Mercedes that crashed and killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed was apparently drunk (TIME Daily)... The National Enquirer says it has crash photos but won't publish them (TIME Daily)...The princess will not receive a state funeral but will be buried in "a unique ceremony for a unique person" (TIME Daily)... Though she would never be Queen, Diana became ruler of her own heart — and, even in her tragic end, the world's true princess (TIME Cover Story)... From her glorious wedding to the birth of her two sons to the slow disintegration of her marriage, the public has been fascinated by Diana's every move (People Special)

In Other News: Russian President Yeltsin announces he will step aside when his third term ends in 2000... (TIME Daily)... A 40-cent minimum wage increase takes effect on Labor Day (TIME Daily)