Double Jeopardy at Ruby Ridge?

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BONNERS FERRY, Idaho: The latest murder charges filed yesterday in the Ruby Ridge case appear to have shocked locals, who remain divided over who was in the wrong in the FBI standoff with white separatist Randy Weaver five years ago. "Most people thought this was over," says TIME's Judy Hanson. "Why this prosecutor has decided to press charges now is anyone's guess." It may have to do with the fact that Boundary County prosecuter Denise Woodbury is new to the job. Woodbury has only been in office for about seven months. Now by opening the Ruby Ridge wound, she has already angered FBI director Louis Freeh who also thought the case was closed.

One of the first issues to be dealt with is whether a new trial would be double jeopardy for Kevin Harris, who shot and killed a US deputy marshall during the seige. Harris now stands accused of first-degree murder, despite being found innocent in a 1993 federal case.