Al Drowns His Sorrows — With Rock

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As wakes go, the private party that Al Gore gave for his staff and closest supporters after his concession speech last night turned out to be a pretty good time. Somewhere around midnight, guest Jon Bon Jovi — who had bonded with the veep during the campaign — suggested that the cover band that was playing in the tent outside the vice president's official residence might be due for some reinforcements. Bon Jovi turned down the immediate calls that he take the stage, but asked if he might recruit some friends who happened to be in town for a benefit.

While Gore aides arranged clearances with the security folks at the guardhouse, Bon Jovi worked his cell phone, and a short while later appeared none other than Tom Petty, John Popper of Blues Traveler, and a raft of studio musicians. About 45 minutes later, Stevie Wonder showed up for a couple of numbers, one of which was "Higher Ground."

Tipper and Al danced until 2:30 a.m., except for the break Tipper took to join in on the drums. Life after Campaign 2000 wasn't looking so bad after all....