1984 Revisited: Movies for Macheads

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Message to the Macintosh faithful: cuddle up with your PowerBook and see the story that inspired the ad: 1984. Starring John Hurt, Richard Burton and a ravishing (and oft-ravished) Suzanna Hamilton as Julia, it's surely what was on Bill Gates' mind when he pulled that Wizard of OS routine at MacWorld, looming disembodied over the crowd while Steve Jobs said the words: Microsoft is our ally. Microsoft has always been our ally. Apple is at war with Netscape. Apple has always been at war with Netscape. The utterance may have drawn a few boos from the crowd, but by day's end, investors were all chanting "Big. Big. Big." Hope you had stock.

Still inconsolable? Dust off your copy of The Empire Strikes Back, in which young Steve learns the true identity of his father. And take any excuse you need to revisit the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) with Kevin McCarthy -- or better yet, the 1978 remake with Donald Sutherland, set near Cupertino. Because dogs and children know: that wasn't the real founder of Apple.