Gore Leads in Palm Beach County Results

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Democrats at a press conference in Miami Friday night

TIME has learned that the preliminary lead for Gore in Palm Beach County is 192 votes. Remember, this is the county that applied to Katherine Harris for an extension of the 5 p.m. deadline, but did not get it. And instead, they decided to continue counting until finished.

But the more interesting number, according to TIME reporter Kate Kelly, who is on the scene in Palm Beach, is that of the dimpled ballots. Palm Beach county has a stricter standard in counting those ballots than Broward County. But, according to sources, Gore has 2,657 of those dimpled ballots, to 1,811 for Bush, giving Gore an advantage of 846. This is very unofficial, as the dimpled ballots are set aside and are not counted in the county's official recount. However, the Gore campaign is expected to to file suit in Palm Beach County tomorrow in order to have those votes counted.