Possible Terrorists Captured in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN: In a shoot-out at an apartment in Brooklyn, police found five pipe bombs that may have been intended for a terrorist attack on New York's commuter rail system. The early-morning raid forced the evacuation of neighbors and closed down several rush-hour subway lines. Officers shot and wounded two of the three Middle Eastern men in the apartment during the assault. Mayor Rudolph Guiliani said one was shot when he appeared to be trying to detonate one of the explosive devices. Two of the men, identified as Jhazi Abu Mezer, 23, and Lafi Khalil, 22, carried Jordanian passports, according to CNN. The third man reportedly had no identification papers. Police believe the three were planning to attack a nearby Long Island Railroad station as well as several subway lines. Although Guiliani said that there is so far no concrete connection between the men and yesterday's suicide bombing in Israel, federal terrorism investigators are probing that possibility. Police were tipped-off to the plot late Wednesday by a source who said there were bombs in the apartment.