What Me, Corrupt?

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RAMALLAH, West Bank: A panel of Palestinian legislators has called for the heads of Yasser Arafat's entire Cabinet after finding plenty rotten in the operation of the would-be state. The probe, initiated by the state comptroller's office, also recommended that three ministers stand trial for diverting $1.5 billion in contributions from international donors and mismanaging the Palestinian autonomy government's $800 million annual budget, often for personal gain. Arafat's spokesman punted, claiming that the findings simply justified plans for a Cabinet reshuffle. Hold on there, cowboy. "The mismanagement starts from the top, way up on top," said Husam Khader, a lawmaker from Nablus. Arafat himself has kept out of sight since the inquiry's findings were made public to the Palestinian Legislative Council, leaving tarnished ministers plenty of time to protest their innocence and wonder why their boss wasn't named in the investigation.