Questioning the Caretaker's Tale

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MIAMI BEACH, Fla.: A Miami woman says she saw Fernando Carreira, the caretaker who alerted authorities to the whereabouts of Andrew Cunanan on July 23, carry a lunch box and a gallon of milk into the houseboat two days earlier. Lola Dudley, 57, says she was switching buses down the block on July 21 when she saw Carreira enter the houseboat carrying food. If true, the account would contradict Carreira's claim he had not been at the houseboat for five days, and would indicate a possible connection with Cunanan. Police are treating Dudley's story with care, noting that she takes high doses of blood pressure medication, and wondering why she called police immediately after Gianni Versace was shot to death. If her account holds up, Carreira may be forced to forfeit the cash put up by the FBI and the Miami Beach police for information leading to Cunanan's arrest. Carreira's attorney, James Loren, called Dudley's account "hogwash."