A Handgun with a Past

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MIAMI: Authorities say the gun used to kill fashion designer Gianni Versace was used in two earlier slayings linked to suspected serial killer Andrew Cunanan. Quoting an anonymous law enforcement source, The Miami Herald reported the bullets that killed architect David Madson in Minnesota and cemetery groundskeeper William Reese in New Jersey came from the same .40-caliber handgun that was used to pump two rounds into the back of Versace's head last week. Meanwhile, as the search for Cunanan continued in South Florida, Versace's brother and sister issued a heated statement denying that the fashion designer had ever met, or known, the 27-year-old gay gigolo. Earlier in the day, some 2,000 people, including Princess Diana, Elton John and Naomi Campbell, joined the Versace family for an emotional, star-studded memorial service in Milan's 600-year old cathedral.