Cunanan's Acquaintances Warned by FBI

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MIAMI BEACH: As the manhunt for suspected serial killer Andrew Cunanan continues, fear has gripped the fashion industry and the FBI has issued a warning that his acquaintances may be his next targets. Cunanan, suspected of murdering Gianni Versace and four other men, may be working his way down a hit list of people, motivated by revenge, the FBI said today. To prevent further bloodshed, the agency was interviewing Cunanan's friends to determine who should be warned. But solid new leads are sparse. A Brazilian tourist's reported photo of Versace and Cunanan together at a party just days before the fashion designer's slaying actually shows neither of the two men. Although it is not clear whether Cunanan knew Versace, an acquaintance of Cunanan's reportedly told the FBI that the suspected killer had a crush on a member of Versace's entourage. Cunanan's suspected rampage has put designers on edge across the country, including famed fashion designer Giorgio Armani, who reportedly went into hiding over the weekend. In New York City, security was extremely tight as designers prepared for Men's Fashion Week, a major series of shows that begins today. But picking Cunanan out from the crowd may be a difficult task. According to the FBI, he may be posing as a woman to avoid detection.