Weekend Couch Potato Guide

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You've already seen "Scream." So pull that red Pathfinder up to your local video store and check out Rod Steiger's star turn in the 1968 thriller "No Way to Treat a Lady," as a mother-fixated, master-of-disguise strangler on the loose on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He's tracked by a young George Segal as a hangdog cop with some mother problems of his own. For extra currency, try Steiger's third incarnation as Dorian Smith, the swisher with a heart of stone who's been a very bad boy. Look for "Jaws" mayor (and The Graduate's Mr. Robinson) Murray Hamilton as Inspector Haines, and Charlie's Angels go-between Bosley (David Doyle) as the piqued Lt. Dawson. Really slow weekend? Try Tommy Lee Jones and Faye Dunaway in 1978's "The Eyes of Laura Mars," about the terror stalking of a high-fashion photographer, or scour the classics shelves for the 1948 Dragnet precursor "He Walks By Night," with Richard Basehart as the debonair slasher. Beltway addicts, of course, will want to skip right to "Julius Caesar." Just make sure it's the 1953 version, with Brando as the Emperor Newt.